The Goal

My goal for this experiment is to lose fat, not weight. If I could convert into muscle every excess pound of fat I have, I would be overjoyed to not lose any weight at all! That will never happen, so I anticipate that I will lose weight in the process. Likewise, I will gain some muscle over time and I will lose some water weight as well, so while I will be following my weight I won’t be using it as a metric for my success. Weight doesn’t reflect the changes I am trying to induce in my body.

At the beginning of this blog, my spare tire measured 41″ at its widest point. Five years ago, it measured 32″, didn’t have a discernible widest point, and was never referred to as a spare tire.

That is my goal.

The reason I am doing this is to get rid of the excess abdominal fat I have built up over the years. I will track my waistline with every week. I have other goals as well, but they are secondary or incidental to the above goal. However, because multiple interlinked goals means more progress towards “success” at any given time, I’ll be tracking my progress towards these as well.

  • I want to increase my lower body flexibility.
  • I want to reduce my resting heart rate to between 60 and 70 beats a minute.
  • I want to reduce my resting glucose and LDL levels and increase my HDL levels.
  • I want to establish a BMI on the low side of healthy, between 19-20.

I plan on tracking my progress towards each of these goals on a regular basis, other than the blood levels goal. Not having the money to hire a personal trainer, I likewise do not have the money to send my blood to a medical lab simply because I am curious what is in it. Also, needles.


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