About the “Diet”

This blog is about my attempt to lose forty pounds of fat.

The premise is simple: I have gained forty pounds in the past five years, none of it muscle. I have tried to lose this weight through restricting my intake of food, and have found that my body responds by ratcheting down my metabolism rather than my waistline. This is my attempt to attack the problem from the other direction.

Each pound of this fat contains 3,500 stored calories. If the internet is to believed (and since I can’t afford a personal trainer, it will be), it will burn an average of 90 calories for me to walk or run one mile.

3,500 X 40 / 90 ~= 1555 miles

This is roughly the distance between Miami, Florida, and Portland, Maine. So my goal is clear – in order to lose this weight, I only need to walk the distance of the United States east coast. And you thought this blog would be about sea food, didn’t you?


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